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is WIAP DM4C, CNC lathing machine, machine bed, cross sledge vibrated with the Wiap LC system. Machine is available from a Swiss customer.


Machine at Rollstar Schweiz No. 3 of the type Schwingdurchmesser 1600 mm peak range 2 meters built in Switzerland.


Welding delay is an unpleasant side-effect of welding constructions. With 30 minutes of vibration relaxation, many problems are solved. No delay in processing. No delay due to transport. No sudden cracks, etc.

The WIAP has been working since 1981 with metal relaxation by means of vibration MEMV®. The metal removal units WIAP LC05, LC 20 and LC 50 are produced. Well-known companies in Europe and Asia relax their workpieces with metal restraint systems.



- No expensive transport costs, the workpieces remain in your house
- Easy to use
- Flexible appointments
- Environmentally conscious
- Low cost
- Simultaneous control of your workpieces. You notice, for example, a bad one
  or too weak weld
- A successful relaxation process is carried out in just 30 minutes.



Vibrational relaxation, vibration, trembling, stabilizing, hammering,

stabilizer. Vibration relaxation with the WIAP system.

Metal relax with vibration, MEMV® process



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